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直接布料印刷 Direct-to-Garment Printing

JTT數碼打噴新技術,能依你的創作,締造獨有風格及形象。無論在個人服飾、心意禮品、傢俬布藝、公司制服、企業/團體活動, JTT都能提供高質素及快捷的打噴服務。


14 thoughts on “直接布料印刷 Direct-to-Garment Printing

  1. Wanna check the cost for direct printing to t-shirt.
    Style 1:
    – 150pcs
    – 2C Logo one side
    – Will supply own t-shirt

    Style 2:
    – 10pcs
    – 2C Logo one side
    – Will supply own t-shirt

  2. Thank you for your enquiry! May I know the logo size?

  3. may I know the price for 10 t shirts

  4. A4 Transfer printing and gildan #76000 tee: $119/pc, 5 % off for 10 pcs

  5. Hello i wanna know how much for supplying own materials like bag / zipper pouch / 10 tshirt

  6. Hi, you mean you only need printing service ?

  7. Do you mind sending photos of your own materials to us:

  8. Hi, May I know how much for 50 pcs of tee shirt?

  9. Hi, thank you for your enquiry. May I know if you need printing?

  10. hello! May I know the price of a full color printed 2Mx1M fabric? The printing probably be something like coral reef and ocean. Thank you very much!!

  11. Thank you for your enquiry! May I know if your will provide your own fabric?

  12. What is the cost for making a single T shirt? The T-shirt is supplied by me. How large is

  13. I get a quotation for direct printing of a small logo onto 24 sweatshirts? Will supply sweatshirts. Please also confirm the time required.

  14. A5 size transfer printing: HKD1680

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