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除菌淨味貼 Airpurity Freetex

Airputrity Freetex表面有一層特製專利塗層,擁有2大功效:

  • 殺滅細菌:只需要用手觸摸,手上的細菌便會黏附在塗層上,塗層上的物質會入侵細菌的細胞膜,破壞其DNA,從而殺滅細菌
  • 淨化空氣消除異味:表面的塗層能夠吸收及分解空氣中三甲胺、甲基硫醇、氨氣、乙酸這些異味,淨化空氣中的揮發性有機化合物、揮發性硫化物

When the germs contact with Airpuirty Freetex, the nucleus of germs are destroyed.

  • Antimicrobial stickers for your hands and skin
  • Special removable stickers without residue and skin irritation
  • Canvas-like card sticker
  • No oil left on the surface

專利證書 Certificate

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數碼印刷-紙品 Digital Printing – Paper Products


To cater for the needs of small MOQ in paper products, we are now offering high quality digital printing services on special papers. The products are including name cards, promotional leaflets, waterproof menus, booklets, brochures, postcards, stickers, coupons, gift boxes/packaging boxes, etc. Base on CMYK colours, we can even match it with special colour of white/clear/neon yellow/neon pink/invisible red. We are able to print more creative application and bring more speciality application in the market.

咭片 Name Card

明信片/咭/證書 Postcard/Card/Certificate

貼紙 Sticker/Label

餐牌 Menu

號碼牌 Running Bib

騎馬釘小冊子 Saddle Stitch Booklet

膠裝書刊 Perfect Binding Booklet

鐵圈釘裝 Double Wire O Binding Booklet

膠圈釘裝 Ring Binding Booklet

禮品盒/包裝盒 Gift Box/Packaging Box

優惠券/門票 Coupon/Ticket

宣傳單張 Promotional Leaflet

其他紙品 Other Paper Products

過膠 Lamination