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油畫印刷 Canvas Printing

JTT 提供精美油畫印製服務,優點在於圖案細緻清晰,印刷效果能夠媲美相片。我們選用最高質量顏料,色彩持久不變。備有多種標準尺寸,亦可選擇自訂尺寸。至於效果方面:有傳統油畫及珍珠油畫,亦可以選擇圖包邊或包白邊。
Our popular canvas printing service offers excellent digital quality prints, together with fine detailed output and superb colourfastness. 
Choose from:

  • our standard frame sizes or tell us your custom size of frame.
  • traditional canvas or metallic canvas for a shiny effect.
  • image wrapped edges or a white border.


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15 thoughts on “油畫印刷 Canvas Printing

  1. Can you print on cotton canvas without the final UV gloss coat?

  2. Sorry what do you mean?

  3. how many days will it take to print a A3 size canvas?

  4. 2 days after confirmation of payment

  5. how many days will it take & how much to print a A2 size canvas?

  6. Thank you for your enquiry. The lead time is 2 days after confirmation of payment, and the price of 40x60cm canvas is HKD240.

  7. Hi I’d like to order 3 canvas prints around A3 size/30cmX40cm for delivery to Central. Please provide a quote and also how to order please.

  8. The total including the delivery fee is hkd725, please send the files to, thanks!

  9. how many days will it take & how much to print a 50cm x 70cm size canvas?

  10. 3 days after confirmation of payment


  11. how many days will it take and how much to print on a 143cm x 70 cm canvas

  12. Do you need it with a frame

  13. Wish to know the price of canvas printing of 60.96×60.96 cm including frame and the minimum requirement of the image size

  14. Canvas with standard frame 60x60cm: $551

  15. Hello, I want to print my acrylic paintings that are 10cm x 10cm. Would it be possible and is the procedure like?

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