Pantone Color Bridge Set Coated & Uncoated


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Pantone 色彩橋樑 - 光面銅版紙 & 膠版紙套裝
Color Bridge Guide Set | Coated & Uncoated

See the true results of converting a Pantone Spot color to its process color equivalent with the Pantone Color Bridge Guide Set. Compact fan decks provide easy access to side-by-side comparisons of all 2,359 Pantone Spot Colors, including 224 brand new Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors, with their closest industry-standard CMYK color matches, as well as HTML and RGB equivalent values for digital design applications. . Guides are printed on coated and uncoated paper stocks to match G-7 calibrated CRPC6 and CRPC3 press references. Confidently manage and visualize color expectations, color conversion, and color matching when printing across graphics, digital design, web, animation, and video platforms.

Integration with Pantone Connect for Adobe® Creative Cloud® provides access to over 15,000 Pantone Colors in every Pantone library, enabling you to move your physical Pantone Colors into the digital workflows of your favorite apps, such as InDesign®, Photoshop®, and Illustrator®. Connect ensures color consistency, accuracy, and from-anywhere-access. Secure cloud storage lets you save the colors you want for better, streamlined sharing and collaboration.