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除菌淨味貼 Airpurity Freetex

Airputrity Freetex表面有一層特製專利塗層,擁有2大功效:

  • 殺滅細菌:只需要用手觸摸,手上的細菌便會黏附在塗層上,塗層上的物質會入侵細菌的細胞膜,破壞其DNA,從而殺滅細菌
  • 淨化空氣消除異味:表面的塗層能夠吸收及分解空氣中三甲胺、甲基硫醇、氨氣、乙酸這些異味,淨化空氣中的揮發性有機化合物、揮發性硫化物

When the germs contact with Airpuirty Freetex, the nucleus of germs are destroyed.

  • Antimicrobial stickers for your hands and skin
  • Special removable stickers without residue and skin irritation
  • Canvas-like card sticker
  • No oil left on the surface

專利證書 Certificate


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  1. Hi, I would like to make a Canvas Painting for my photo. Can I have the size & quotation?

  2. Thank you for your enquiry, please let us know the size that you are looking for, thanks

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